Narin Sundarabhaya

Full-Stack Developer



Los Angeles, CA








UCLA Extension

Full-Stack Web Development Certification


Johnson & Wales University

Bachelor of Arts


+ GPA 3.8 of 4.0

Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Master



Freelance Tech Lead
Polyhedron Projects, LLC2017 - Present
  1. AI Image Generation: Co-founded and independently engineered a web application that uses AI for generating unique image packs for users to purchase and download in real time.
  2. Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Hired as the technical partner in a new venture, I took on the role of CTO and built the entire technology stack for a comprehensive online golf marketplace, turning it into a one-stop shop for golfers.
  3. Video Chat Application: Developed a Twilio-based video chat MVP hosted on Vercel, aiding a client in securing initial funding.
  4. 3D Web App Revamp: Collaborated on enhancing a 3D architectural tool; introducing responsiveness, account features, and streamlined code via custom hooks.
  5. API & E-commerce Integration: Built an inventory & sales API linked with major platforms like and Amazon; skillfully managed weekly sprints and a six-member team.
  6. Shopify Stores Creation: Customized e-commerce sites for diverse sectors, ensuring seamless client transition post-launch.
  7. Custom Website Solutions: Delivered tailored sites on platforms like Wix, embedding features such as custom calendars and automated booking services.
Software Engineer III Inc.June 2020 - Sept 2023
  1. Innovative Features: Added integration with OpenAI for specialized features, like AI-assisted SQL syntax error correction & TypeChat-powered user prompt conversions.
  2. TypeScript Conversion: Transformed the frontend (React) & backend (Node.JS) to TypeScript, bolstering code stability & readability.
  3. API Integrations & OAuth Implementation: Integrated Slack, Google Ads, Sheets, BigQuery, Facebook Marketing, Snowflake & more. Executed full OAuth flow, enhancing security & authorization.
  4. Client-Specific Development & Optimization: Developed NextJS sites for top clients, boosting conversions from thousands of daily visits; implemented weekly A+B tests across devices to optimize user experience.
  5. Analytics: Incorporated, enabling comprehensive tracking of page views, user segmentation, and event activities.
  6. Promoted from Software Engineer II to III in 2021.
Frontend Developer II
FanAI Inc.Dec 2017 - June 2020
  1. Created data visualizations and dashboards built with Redux & Highcharts. Examples: social following & interactions (twitter & twitch), demographics, purchase behaviors, and cookie tracking analytics.
  2. Converted desktop only application to mobile friendly and fully responsive using React-Responsive and CSS Grid, added animations for page changes and user interactions using Framer-Motion.
  3. Improved UX by reducing network calls by 80% with in-browser caching.
  4. Promoted from Frontend Developer I to II in 2019.
Teacher Assistant
UCLA ExtensionSept 2017 - Dec 2017
Sr. Client Manager
Kforce, Inc.Aug 2015 - Oct 2017
Vice President, Sales
PSE AgencyJuly 2009 - Aug 2015